VIDEO: How To Wean A Toddler From Nursing – How To Stop Breastfeeding Baby To Sleep – Gentle Weaning Tips

Hello nursing moms,

Are you tired of nursing or tired of nursing to sleep? Learn how to gently wean your toddler from breastfeeding and how to put your toddler to sleep after you stop breastfeeding. I hope these tips help guide you how to stop nursing to sleep, or how to stop breastfeeding your toddler and wean completely. Gently weaning helps you avoid clogged ducts and painful engorgement. It also helps your toddler transition with less stress. I found my son in the beginning to refuse sippy cups or bottles. Since he was now older I choose to skip the bottle and just have him drink out of a sippy. Then he went from only drinking water from a sippy to now even drinking milk from it too, and now he drinks a good amount of milk. Yes it is banana milk, but it works, he is drinking milk and this mom is happy. I’m hoping to slowly mix in regular milk into his banana milk until he gets used to non flavored milk. But it is a huge change from going to no milk in any cup to milk in a sippy! If you have any questions on how to wean your toddler from the breast, don’t hesitate to drop a question in the comment section. I know the feeling of frustration. I will list the sippy that he likes below. You may also check out my blog article on toddler sleep must haves:


Horizon Strawberry Milk :

Munchkin 10 oz Mighty Grip Spill Proof Sippy Cup :

I refill these containers with water & he loves them – Good2grow Juice :

Lovey we use – Bao Bao Bear

SIr Bananas Banana Milk :