Our Toddler Sleep Must Haves

I have created a list of all our favorite toddler sleep must haves. We are currently using all these products at nighttime or nap-time & I have felt they have really helped. We now have solid toddler sleeping routine. Aiden is sleep trained and night weaned as well.

  1. California Baby Calming Everyday Lotion  I love the scent of lavender & lavender is known to be calming. I think this helps my son relax and get ready for bed. It also sinks in super fast and seems to not irritate my sons eczema.
  2. Bunnies By The Bay Bao Bao Bear When my son first opened the box Bao Bao came in, it was love at first sight. He hugged it & gave it a kiss! That’s how much he loves him. He isn’t this attached to any of his other stuffed animals as he is to this bear. When I decided to start sleep training Aiden, I read that it helps to give them a lovey. Sure enough, it helps him fall asleep. He holds hims when he goes to sleep, and if he wakes he looks for him in the crib. I definitely recommend adding one to your toddlers nighttime routine. I think it really helps them self soothe.
  3. Aden + Anais Sleep Sacks  I love sleep sacks! Aiden has a ton, currently we are using the silky soft one pictured because it’s summer. They make all different thicknesses for any weather. This one in particular is super soft and lightweight. I think Aiden will be in a sleep sack until I feel absolutely safe that he will not get strangled by a blanket.
  4. Munchkin Nursery Projector & Sound I think having a projector & sound machine together is a great combo. I use the projector at nighttime. As part of our bedtime routine, I turn off the lights, we look at the images and listen to the sound of the waves. It comes with 3 different cartridges of images, rainforest, sky & sea. It also plays, lullabies, songs & sound. He knows, that he will be going into his crib a few minutes after I turn this on. I leave the sound running, but turn the projector off when I place him in his crib.
  5. Marpac Dohm White Noise Sound Machine We use this noise machine during the day when there is more noise going on in the house or when we have guest over. You can adjust how loud you want the fan to run. I sounds like a loud fan when it’s running. It drains out all the noise, I love it!
  6. Earth’s Best Toothpaste Apple & Pear Part of our sleep routine include toothpaste of course, and we really like this toothpaste and how it does not contain fluoride.
  7. Samsung Baby Monitor Once Aiden goes to sleep I keep an eye on him with this baby monitor. The video looks very clear and it can also play lullabies, which is pretty cool. I like that the camera has a 360 view which allows me to move the camera around and see the entire room.
  8. Horizon Organic Strawberry Milk So it took a while for Aiden to warm up to drinking this milk because it’s not breastmilk. Just recently I night weaned him, so he drinks this milk in his sippy cup while we read books before going to sleep. He really likes it now. I’m hoping to fully wean him and have him just drink this milk. I will slowly mix it into non flavored milk though.
  9. Munchkin Sippy Cup So Aiden went from using the super soft latch sippy to this one. He really likes it and it is still soft, but a little more firm. We use this for his milk & water. I like that is only 3 pieces, making it super easy to wash. You can also see every part, so no mold can accumulate.
  10. Gro Egg Room Thermometer Last thing we use is this room thermometer that changes color to let me know the room temperature. Since the temperature is a little different in his room, it allows me to easily see the temperature. It also illuminates the room, so no need for a second nightlight.

So that’s it, hope my list helps guide you. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a message on the contact form. Sweet dreams.