Our Baby Eczema Skin Relief Routine

This is my son’s current eczema skin care routine. He has been having eczema flare ups which I thought could be something he was eating. I decided to change up the products I have been using on him and they have made a significant difference. Now I’m not sure if it was the bodywash or detergent or combination of both, but this is what I’m using on him and it’s working! I kept getting recommendations of other products that have petroleum in them and I wasn’t interested in using anything that isn’t safe for him. I have purchased so many different products trying to find something that worked.

California Baby Super Sensitive Shampoo and Body Wash
I love this wash because it does not seem to irritate my sons skin, and it’s fragrance free. It’s great for any type of sensitive skin. It also doesn’t seem to dry out his skin.

California Baby Everyday Lotion
This lotion sinks into the skin very well, it adds needed moisture with no greasy feeling. I feel it’s also perfect for the summer because it doesn’t leave you with a sticky feeling. I have used it on myself and also love it for my own use.

Motherlove pregnant belly salve
I know the belly salve isn’t meant for babies necessarily, but I looked at the ingredients and felt he could benefit from it. Β It is very thick, but this is great for super dry patches. He mostly get’s them on the legs and arms. If I apply this over the lotion, I feel it seals in all the moisture. It also smells like lavender, which is nice.

Hope this helps anyone else battling eczema! πŸ’—