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Video – NEW 2017 Chicco Next2me Dream: Features & Review | Next 2 Me Co Sleeper Hi guys, In this video I'm sharing the features of the 2017 Chicco Next2me Dream side sleeping crib and demonstrating how it works. If you liked my video don't forget to hit the like button. Thank you![...]
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Our Baby Eczema Skin Relief Routine

This is my son's current eczema skin care routine. He has been having eczema flare ups which I thought could be something he was eating. I decided to change up the products I have been using on him and they have made a significant difference. No[...]
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Our Toddler Sleep Must Haves

I have created a list of all our favorite toddler sleep must haves. We are currently using all these products at nighttime or nap-time & I have felt they have really helped. We now have solid toddler sleeping routine. Aiden is sleep trained[...]
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